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The Second Captains Sports Annual, Vol 2

Second Captains

The Second Captains Sports Annual, Vol 2


The Second Captains Sports Annual, Volume 2.

The Second Captains Sports Annual, Volume 2 is packed full of all the stuff that made the Euros of 2016 memorable...yes, mainly Robbie Brady's goal at the Euros. Check out the video below for a sneak peak but be warned, you may shed a tear...

Ken Early reveals his Euros diary, taking in Brexit, rioting and ecstatically weeping brothers. Eoin McDevitt goes to Belfast to meet Michael Conlan and we also sit down for a feature-length interview with Irish footballing institution Richard Dunne. 

From Dan Leydon's spectacular illustrated cover to our final chapter 'Game Zone' (as introduced by our new mascot 'Stephen the Stink Badger') there's something for all the Second Captains loving idiots in your life.

Other highlights in the beautifully designed 112 pages include:

You Are The Sports Administrator! – In a year where sporting administrators dominated the news agenda, you get the chance to make the calls in this brilliant illustrated series from CIEMAY. Choose your moves wisely, a life of luxury could be yours!

At Home With Richie Sadlier – Richie takes us behind the scenes at his remote woodland idyll, where dogs, carpentry, and an aversion to human contact hold sway

The Fair View – Salt o' the earth Dub Ken Early takes us on a nostalgic trip through the snugs and cobbled streets of his home town

The Pantomime Villain - Amy O'Connor profiles Ryan Lochte, the athlete that accidentally became a worldwide headline

Oisin mcKonville’s Kabaddi Klub – Krossmaglen Kabaddi King Oisin shares his love of the beautiful game

Eoin’s Poems – we celebrate our most unpopular podcast slot and critique some of our listeners’ ramblings… and Ken enters the fray

Ken Early: The Marseille Years – returns with more tales of sexual high jinks, tyrannical dictators and EuroPop


This book has been produced by Second Captains and Sweatshop Media and photography throughout with thanks to INPHO.

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